HYPERDIAMOND will develop a fully functional prototype of a novel polarizer for in vivo hyperpolarized MR imaging, as well as a new MRI type of probes, for both research and clinical usage that will radically improve the established pyruvate-based metabolic MRI. The fully functional prototype will serve as the basis of future commercialization of the technology.

The Diamond Hyperpolarizer will enhance diagnosis, evaluating tumour response to treatment and predicting tumour aggressiveness; the ND-probe will provide a novel agent for selective, targeted imaging, providing new tools for quantitative diagnosis.

The Diamond Hyperpolarizer will enable efficient repeated hyperpolarized imaging (challenging and costly in research labs with current hyperpolarization platforms), lower production and operating costs, widen accessibility to hyperpolarization technology and enable polarization of biological macromolecules (e.g. proteins); the ND-probe will provide first-of-a-kind probe for hyperpolarization with molecular sensitivity comparable with PET, while extending the hyperpolarization lifetimes by more than one order of magnitude (to hours) compared with existing technologies.

Both technologies are based on recent breakthroughs in quantum physics and diamond material science (NV centres defects in diamonds), and leverage high-end engineering of NMR pulse sequence optimizations, electron manipulation by microwaves, protein binding and manufacturing, and novel permanent magnet materials and design.