The HYPERDIAMOND project will concretely address the expected impact as stated in the Horizon 2020 "Health" work programme for the call PHC 11 – 2015:

New in vivo imaging diagnostic tools and methods providing more accurate, less invasive, more reliable and earlier disease diagnosis, prediction or response to therapy, leading to improved clinical decisions and outcomes

A key outcome of the HYPERDIAMOND project is the impact on future scientific and innovation capacity with the novel hyperpolarization platforms. By the end of the project both the Diamond Hyperpolarizer and the ND-probes will reach the preclinical imaging market. In addition to being an attractive market for growth for the SME partners in HYPERDIAMOND, preclinical imaging is a main source of innovation for future technologies. Just as with dissolution-DNP polarizers and super-paramagnetic iron-oxide nanoparticles (SPIOs), the HYPERDIAMOND technological platforms could lead to an explosion of new research and innovation ideas by medical and biological research institutes, as well as bio-chemistry SMEs and pharmaceutical companies.